Quartermaster Seeking Replacement

Unto the good people of Caerthe, does your Quartermaster send greetings!

Do you like stuff? How about things? The illustrious Barony of Caerthe has indeed several of both! Of these things and stuff – and so too bits and bobs – organization and keeping must be done. Such is the responsibility of the baronial Quartermaster, a deputy of the exchequery. The barony has seen fit to retain the services of a most secure keep for the … keeping … of things … securely, whereat only the most stout-hearted of Quartermasters (as well as any duly appointed deputies) may gaze greedily upon their horde, er… keep tabs on the baronial goods.

Alas, my own attention has turned elsewhere, and so it is that the barony finds itself in need of a brave and worthy guardian of its stuff! Should you have the purity of heart and nobility of purpose enough, please convey your interest in taking over the role of Caerthean Quartermaster by sending word to the baronial exchequer (exchequer@caerthe-sca.org), seneschal (seneschal@caerthe-sca.org), Their Excellencies (excellencies@caerthe-sca.org), and myself (quartermaster@caerthe-sca.org). Such that they might know how to find thee, be sure to include your contact and membership information. Be there a doubt or question in thine heart, seek me out, that I might give thee good counsel.


Iohann, Soon-to-be-former Quartermaster of Caerthe