Our Landed Nobility and Their Retinue

Their Excellencies of Caerthe – Countess Ansteys Darcy and The Honorable Lord Dubhghall mac Gille Easbaig

Upcoming Baronial Events (in early 2023)

1/7 Twelfth Night (Caerthe)

1/14-15 Coronation (al-Barran)

1/21 Viking Vintr Vunderlandt (Aarquelle)

1/28 Candlemas (Dragonsspine)

2/25 Winter Oasis (Unser Hafen)

Their Excellencies’ Household

Head Retainer – Lady Bryngerdr Didriksdottir
Captain of the Guard – Don Tahir al-Razi
Aide de Camp (Secretary) – Baroness Morgan Cheyney

– Noble Anne of Ostgardr
– Aífe an tSneachta
– Talespinner
– Bjersi
– Minu
– Antony
– Mistress Diana Doria
– Lady Maire Dooley
– Aliena
– Lady Therasia Thoma
Helpful Friends
– Mistress Mary Blakthorn
– Mistress Ksenia Mikhailovna Morskaya

Champions (updated annually; last updated at Haustblot, fall 2022)

Premier Blade – Doña Mizuno Kiku Ibara

Rapier of Chivalry – Doña Daciana de la Slatina

Warlord – Herr Sixtus Goetz

Cut and Thrust Champion – Lord Finvid Langrackvidd

Archery Champion – The Honorable Lady Thalia