Applications open for Caerthe Webminister

Letters of intent are now being accepted for Baronial Webminister for Caerthe, as my two-year term ends in August. Maintaining our website is easy because you can do it on your own as time permits, instead of needing to attend specific events. I spend up to 5 hours a month on webministry related tasks, for reference.

As webminister, I:

– Attend the monthly Caerthe business meeting

– Put together and submit monthly officer reports

– Copy content that someone else writes from an email to event page for Caerthe-hosted events

– Reset baronial email passwords for anyone who’s changing local office or forgot theirs

– Update Google calendar on front page of baronial site

– Other website updates, like office changes and champion changes, as they occur

I also share these responsibilities with our Social Media Officer:

– Forward proposed announcements to website & mailing list

– Create and update events to match the Google calendar

In order to fill this role, you’ll be using a Google for Nonprofits Workspace email and a WordPress website. Familiarity with those specific tools is not required as long as you are reasonably comfortable using a computer and willing to learn.

The full information of a branch webminister’s responsibilities in general is available at:, and I am happy to answer questions as well.

Anyone interested should submit a letter of intent to,,, and
The letter should include SCA name, modern name, membership number and expiration, as well as a statement about relevant background. This application has a deadline of Friday, July 26.

In service,

Anne of Østgardr