Missive From Their Majesties

Greetings unto the fair Barony of Caerthe from Béla and Nerissa, King and Queen of the Outlands.

Their Excellencies, Baron Domenico Forestani and Baroness Maria Castelana have informed Us of their desire to step down as the Baron and Baroness of Caerthe. Being a landed noble is a difficult and often thankless job within the Society and Their Excellencies have served the Barony and the Kingdom well. They have fulfilled their oaths and are deserving of being able to retire and pursue other joys in life. We thank them for their dedication to Caerthe and to the Outlands and We wish them well in their upcoming adventures. The Barony is in need of a new Coronet to lead them and We are pleased to announce that there are three sets of candidates for the role who have been found acceptable by the Crown. These fine gentles have put themselves forward to be considered worthy of being the next Coronet of Caerthe. We thank them all for their willingness and desire to serve Caerthe and the Outlands in this way. Here is the list of candidates in no particular order:

Lady Anneka Mikaelsdóttir and Lady Astriðr Ylgr

Baron Estavon de la Vega and Lady Roana Campbell

The Honorable Lord Dubhghall Mac Gilla Easbaig and Countess Ansteys Darcy

Information will be forthcoming as to the day and time in which a polling can be held to determine the thoughts of the populace of Caerthe. We look forward to meeting with the candidates in person and with the populace to hear your words on this important matter. If you are unable to come to the polling in person for any reason you are encouraged to contact Us via electronic mail or traditional mail to have your words brought to Us before the in-person polling occurs. In service to the Outlands

We remain,

Béla Nerissa
King Queen