1066: Battle of Tastings

April 24th 2021

A virtual cooking contest and feast

Have you been missing attending feasts? Is your feast gear lonely? Join us on April 24, 2021 for 1066: The Battle Of Tastings!

Join us on Zoom throughout the day and for a virtual court at 5:30pm MST

How it works

Cooks Submit Recipes

Recipes must include ingredients from a historical list.

Submit your entries online

All entries due by March 13th

Populace Cooks Recipes

Recipes will be made available to the populace starting March 20th.

Cook alongs will be scheduled

Feasting, Voting, and Prizes!

April 24th 2021
Cook-alongs with the cooks

Feasting on Zoom

Cooks’ prizes: best recipe,
best team

Populace prizes: best feast spread (experienced and newcomer’s divisions)

Peasants’ Prize: win feast gear for those who have none

Submit your feast spreads and vote here

Your event steward – Lady Lianor da Costa (mka Sarah B. Thomas)