Caerthen 12th Night 2024

The year is 1324, and our most Noble Mansa Musa, ruler of the Mali Empire, is heading out on pilgrimage to Mecca. He will bear so much gold with him that it will crash the economies of cities he travels through. Mansa Musa travels with a large entourage, who will both give and receive generous gifts at every stop. Will you travel with us from Mali through Timbuktu, Cairo, and Medina to see the great city of Mecca?

Feast is included in the admission; you will have tokens and can choose dishes and snacks at any stall in the food market. Food allergies and special diets are accommodated! If you have trade goods you are willing to part with, such as feast gear, fabric, beads, or anything else, please bring it for the trading contest. Wear your best African, Egyptian, Arabian, or 1324 garb to enter a fashion show. View the Arts & Sciences display, participate in belly dancing, and retire to the Quiet Room when you need some peace.

Come celebrate the history of Africa, the source of Medieval Europe’s gold!

Date: January 6, 2024

Location: Adams County FairgroundsWaymire Dome

Site open 9am-9pm

Site fee $25 adult/$10 child, +$5 nonmember adults. Includes food! Vegan and allergen free options available. (see below for menu)

Unfortunately we are unable to have Paypal at gate (due to holiday interference with training deadlines). Please bring cash or check! Thanks for your understanding!

Food details:

As you explore the markets, sample the best street food that the great
cities of Africa have to offer! At each booth, you’ll receive:
· A rice dish with a choice of vegetarian or meat-based savory stew
· A finger food
· A bread
· A sweet
· A small after-meal digestive snack
· A beverage

Waakye (Rice and black-eyed peas)
Efo Riro (Stew with greens)
Maafe (Chicken stew with gourd and yam)
Suya (Spiced kebabs)
Fufu (Cassava dumpling – gluten free)
Kakro (Plaintain fritters)
Candied tamarind
Hibiscus shrub

Koshari (Rice with lentils and chickpeas)
Muzawwara (Gourd stew with coriander)
Tamriyya (Beef stew with dates and saffron)
Sanbusak (Stuffed pastries – meat or vegetarian options available)
Pita with hummus
Qata’if (Sweet stuffed mini crepes)
Naqūʽ al-mishmish (Rose-infused dried apricots)

Bariis (Spiced rice)
Tikil Gomen (Vegetarian cabbage stew)
Kikil (Beef & lamb stew with turmeric)
Sambusa (Stuffed pastries – meat or vegetarian options available)
Injera (Flatbread – gluten free)
Bur Macaan (Fried sweet dumplings)
Fried Plantains
Ginger-mint shrub