Caerthen 12th Night 2023

Saturday January 7th 2023

Striezelmarkt In Dresden


9:00am Site Opens

10:00am Morning Court

 prize bardic and Queens Prize/Kings Choice will begin immediately after

Noon- lunch begins

2:00pm- Court Dancing, taught by THL Soren

3:00pm- Lunch closes

5:00pm- Evening Court

After evening court additional dancing, games, and bardic will be had.

10:00pm Site Closes

Location: Waymire Dome Adams County Fairgrounds, 4430 South Adams County Parkway, Brighton CO 80601

Site Fees:
The site fee, (which includes feast!!) for adults is $20 and $10 for children ages 6-14. 
A $5 non-member surcharge will be added for those in attendance without an active membership.

Click here for an additional missive on sites fees paid for last year’s event.

***Site is Dry***

Merchants: There will be merchants at 12th Night! No merchant fee is in place for this event.

If you are interested in vending, please contact Lady Anneka Mikaelsdottir at

Activities: Hunkerhausen, chess, Hneftafl, and yule crown making will be available throughout the day.

Feast: Feast will be served at lunchtime and is included in the site fee.

War Practice: will be held during Unser Hafen practice, 2-5pm at the Glen Morris Field House in Fort Collins

Prize Bardic: The champion will be chosen by popular vote. Please prepare one piece on the theme of winter. All forms of performance song, dance, story, puppetry, and boast are welcome. Please keep all performances to 10 minutes or less.

Queen’s Prize/King’s Choice:

The theme for this competition is Winter Stag, or any combination of that. 

Their Royal Majesties Jaxx and Anna are trying something new this time for the Queen’s Prize, ADDING King’s Choice!!! 

Per Her Majesty’s requests: 

Queen’s Prize/ King’s Choice is open to anyone of all ages.   If you have ever won a queen’s prize, Her Majesty simply asks that you not enter with the same medium you won in previously.   

The item you choose to enter must be completed within the last year. 

Sponsors; A Lady of the Rose, a Laurel, or a Flower are encouraged for support in advising and helping the entrant.   

Sponsors DO NOT NEED TO BE present with the entrants during the contest. Sponsors do NOT need to purchase a “gift” for the person they sponsor (unless they wish to). 

 A Sponsor may have more than one entrant for the competition. If you do sponsor more than one person, please let me know so that a list can be made so that the “with entrant” is covered. 

No new documentation or format is needed to enter! 

Minimum documentation is needed, your name, what you made, why you made it and how you made it, your contact information and that of your sponsor as well. EZ-DOC: The Form That Writes Documentation For You ( 

Deadline to enter is December 23rd 2022 MIDNIGHT 

I can be reached at: to send your information for registration for Queen’s Prize/King’s Choice. Questions are also welcomed. 

I will need your mundane name, SCA name, what you are making, and a way to contact you (a telephone number is good as well). 

I also will need how much space you think you shall need for your item. A whole table. Half ½ etc. If you have a folding table and a chair, please do bring those. If you have a very large item such as a tent… let me know that as well. 

The information you send to me will be your entry into the Queen’s Prize/King’s choice only. You will still need to do registration for the actual event itself. 

Contact Information:

Autocrat- Lady Bryngeror Deotrichsdottir

Merchant Coordinator- Lady Anika

Queen Prize/ Kings Choice- THL Elizabeth Bakere