Side Dishes

Team England

Onions in Vinegar by Mahowne MacAgaloglie

Pottage Worth Your Birthright by Lord Charles Fleming

Apples and Parsnips by Lord Charles Fleming

Hearthcakes by Lord Charles Fleming

Fenkel in Soppes by Praxilla Taurina

Beancakes by Praxilla Taurina

Leek Pottage by Liepa Jonaite

Cinnamon Bread by Lady Aronna Sevan

Team France

Barley Bread by Aurora Katherine d’Hiver

Cabbage Soup (pottage) by Lady Elizabeth Winter (Requires Powder Douce)

Barley Pilaf by Morris O’fiaich

Pottage of Cabbage and Apples by Morris O’fiaich

Carrots, Garlic, and Onions by Enchantadorea Pluma Del Dragón